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Do the Work You Love Wherever You Love Doing it!

Sourcepass is known for providing an IT experience that customers love. What many do not know is that we are also known for supporting a work environment that people love! At Sourcepass, we believe in empowering innovative minds and rewarding those who take initiative.


Do the Work You Love Wherever You Love Doing it!

Sourcepass is known for providing an IT experience that customers love. What many do not know is that we are also known for supporting a work environment that people love! At Sourcepass, we believe in empowering innovative minds and rewarding those who take initiative.

At Sourcepass, we do what is right for our customers and this focus helps us to do the best work of our careers. We make it a priority to invest in employee success and love offering opportunities to help you grow and develop professionally. This is what makes Sourcepass an award-winning workplace. See what our employees have to say about working here.

Chuck Canton CEO

Chuck Canton is a customer-obsessed Senior Executive with over a decade of experience at hyper-growth technology companies, primarily in the cloud services space.

His former roles include Global Vice President of Customer Success and Operations at Vonage and President of Services and Operations at Compass, a rapidly growing tech-enabled real estate company famous for its innovative talent acquisition and compensation model which revolutionized a stale industry.

Chuck’s goal for Sourcepass is to similarly revolutionize the employee and customer expertise in the IT and security services industry.

—Chuck Canton
Founder and CEO

Sourcepass Operating Principles


Think Like The Customer

Our mission is to not only have the best client experience in our industry but rather the best client experience across any industry.

Approach every decision asking, 'does this improve our client's experience?'

Take the time to truly understand our customers and how to ensure their success. Engage our clients with empathy and urgency. Are accountable for our responsibilities getting done to completion on-time.


Collaborate w/o ego

It’s not about being right, it’s about doing the right thing. Be open to feedback at all levels – good ideas come from all sources.

Don't let ego get in the way of our greatness.

Actively engage with others to gain varied opinions. Learn from each other and foster trusting relationships. Give constructive feedback. Show appreciation for others. Never say 'that's not how we do it here'.


Act like a CEO

We are all CEOs of our own business responsibilities. Therefore, we must make decisions like CEOs.

Are personally responsible for our success.

Take initiative to solve problems. Are accountable for our outcomes. Pay attention to the value and experience we provide our clients. Contribute toward the company mission and vision.


Embrace diversity

Diversity of individuals and backgrounds translates to diversity of perspective and ideas. The more diverse we become the stronger we become as a team.

Work deliberately to build a strong, engaged, and supportive workplace.

Learn and network with a broadened professional network. Are intentional to refer and recruit diverse candidates as prospective employees. Ensure all employees feel welcome to participate fully and be themselves.


Be growth minded

Seek growth opportunities in every aspect of our jobs to grow our careers. If we make a mistake, learn from it, and grow as an individual and collectively as a team.

Make tomorrow better than today for ourselves, our team members, and our clients.

Learn from our mistakes to improve moving forward. Actively participate in a learning plan to improve or expand our skills. Are open to new ideas and new approaches. Look to identify client growth opportunities.


Never give up

Resilience and adaptation are the keys to a vibrant and healthy life. Setbacks, failures, and disappointments are the best education you can get as they teach you to adapt.

Are the most resilient team in the industry.

Face challenges as opportunities. Believe in yourself to accept failure and learn to adapt. Always bounce back. Cultivate grit. Believe that no problem can survive sustained thinking.


Innovate relentlessly

The only constant in IT is change, so we must adapt to remain relevant to our clients. Be ambitious, be bold, be courageous.

Actively look to improve client experience and company performance.

Are curious and take initiative. Search for and learn new technologies relevant to our clients. Remove bottlenecks. Simplify processes. Are constantly finding ways to challenge ourselves.


Check your blind spots

Synthesis is a key to success. Always take time to see the world through the eyes of others. This will help us all be better colleagues, make more informed decisions, and be better all-around professionals.

Challenge conventional wisdom and our preconceived notions.

Remain open to new ideas. Avoid snap judgements and decisions. Are intentional in looking at any situation from alternate perspectives and collaborate to do so. Are reasonable and understanding of others.


Move forward fast

Move with expediency and accuracy. Along our growth journey things will inevitably break as we work to improve the business, and that's OK, so long as we learn from our mistakes and correct them quickly.

Execute faster than anyone in our industry.

Act as brave problem-solvers. Bring infectious energy. Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. Kill bad ideas early. Focus on continual incremental improvements.


Celebrate our wins

When we are in the day to day, it is easy to get caught up in the challenges. Embrace the journey, recognize our successes, and enjoy the ride!

Recognize successes big and small.

Have fun. Focus on what is working well. Make recognition a priority. Show appreciation and gratitude for jobs well done. Help employees form connections and increase employee engagement.


Make an Impact by Joining the Ranks of Growth-Minded Innovators

Unleash your talents and make an impact while working with growth-minded innovators at Sourcepass. Working at Sourcepass can give you the opportunity to grow while enjoying meaningful work that can take your career, your life, and the world of technology to the next level.

Work in an Office Without Borders

At Sourcepass, we believe that your physical location should never detract from the impact you can make which is why we support a wide variety of remote positions. Sourcepass is not just a place, or a company, it’s an experience, one that has no borders. That experience can be as extraordinary as you make it to be by contributing your skills and everything that makes you unique.


Benefits And Perks

At Sourcepass, we believe in investing in our people just like they invest in us. We are proud to offer competitive compensation packages and comprehensive benefits to enable you and your family to experience your greatest moments – at work and in life.

Health insurance – HDHP/HSA

Dental and vision coverage

Life and AD&D Insurance

Life and AD&D insurance

401(k) Company Match

Unlimited paid time off

Branded apparel

Rewards and recognition platform

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching

Learning and professional development opportunities

FAQs About A Career At Sourcepass

How long has Sourcepass been in business?

The platform company which served as the foundation of Sourcepass has been in business for over 30 years. The Sourcepass name may be new, but our track record of delivering guidance, assistance, and support that our clients love is not.

How many people work at Sourcepass?

We are a hyper-growth company adding to our talented workforce both through acquisition and direct-hire.  Midway through 2023, we are currently around 550 employees.

Is there room to advance?

Absolutely!  As a fast-growing company, the ability to advance your career as the company grows is unparalleled. Talk to our HR team for examples of resources who have risen through our ranks.

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